Then and Now...



Housing refurbishment in the charming borough of Gràcia, Barcelona. The house is divided into a large living room with kitchen and dining room. Stand out 2 volumes with curved walls. One of them is the bathroom and the other is the bedroom.

A little bit of background...

The Mozart Project, it thought as a huge open space for several activities; living room, kitchen, gallery, reading corner and just two closed rooms; bathroom and main bedroom.

Because of its elongated shape, and being a 3 winds home, where we can found 3 balconies and a terrace, the natural lighting inside the house is exceptional.

It recycled the classic catalan vault, in order to see the natural elements as girders and bricks. Also, the original openings with their fittings were restored.

The result has been a bright and diaphanous house with great warmth.

November 2007